Be Informed

Be Informed is an internationally operating, independent software vendor. The Be Informed Platform transforms administrative processes. Thanks to Be Informed’s unique semantic technology and solutions, business applications become completely model-driven, allowing organizations to instantly execute on new strategies and regulations. Organizations using Be Informed often report cost savings of tens of percents. Further benefits include a much higher straight-through processing rate leading to vastly improved productivity, and a reduction in time-to-change from months to days.


Be Informed Platform

Be Informed is a rules driven Robotic Process Automation platform that excels in supporting complex processes, automating knowledge work and dealing with contextual data.

The Be Informed Platform was developed to automate knowledge work and support knowledge intensive processes. Over a period of 10 years Be Informed engineered an approach that enables organizations to deal with the contextuality and unstructured nature of knowledge work, ensuring compliance with regulations, but allowing freedom within constraints. ​Four differentiating characteristics form the basis of the Be Informed Platform.



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