Betty Blocks

We are a 100% cloud-based (aPaas) rapid application development platform. Deploy your apps continuously to the Betty Blocks cloud. The Betty Blocks platform enables you to create beautiful business apps for any device. 8-10x faster. Pick a template from our app store and get started in a matter of minutes. Stop coding, start accelerating.


Betty Blocks

Betty Blocks is an Application Platform as a Service (aPaaS) with which you can build business applications without programming. Drag and click to design the business software you want. Whether it is a CRM solution or a comprehensive application with links to other systems, with Betty Blocks you build it. Faster, better and easier than ever before!

Build any type of business application 8x faster and better than the traditional method. Experience the power of Betty Blocks and create business applications based on your own data model, business processes and logic. The application is automatically suitable for use on any computer, tablet and smartphone. As standard, every app has a user-friendly interface and is hosted in a secure environment.

Every application built using the Betty Blocks platform is automatically suitable to work with every type of browser and device. The intelligent User Interface ensures that the application always remains user friendly, regardless of the size and resolution of the screen.

Betty Blocks is an open and scalable platform. With various tools and APIs, your application can easily integrate with existing software or online services. Use pre-built “blocks” to build faster and to achieve the desired result sooner.

Betty Blocks has created a number of applications that you can use for your own development project. These templates are applications that are used by many companies, such as a CRM and a project management system. By using a template you have a large portion of the application immediately available and you can further develop this to create your ideal business application.

All of the hardware and software is already installed and strict security procedures are arranged. From the control panel you can indicate who is given access to the application and what rights this account has. All communication to and from the platform is encrypted with a 256 bit AES encryption.

Betty Blocks can be utilised in numerous ways. As an independent front-end application or in the back-end where the various systems are linked. As a CRM at a large insurance company or as a travel planner at an online travel agency – using Betty Blocks platform you can do anything.

Betty Blocks is considerably cheaper than the old fashioned method of writing software. Moreover, contracts are flexible and maintenance contracts are a thing of the past. From start-up company to Fortune 500 company – a suitable solution is available for every situation.



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