BlueCielo ECM Solutions

BlueCielo manufactures software to manage asset-related engineering information. Our software increases data integrity and creates new efficiencies, enabling our customers to demonstrate regulatory compliance while measurably reducing risk. Our solutions evolve to meet new market issues like extended contractor and supply chains, knowledge retention, and leverage technologies like the Cloud. So take control of your engineering information. Unite your teams and departments around the world. Improve efficiency, data quality and ease of access.


Meridian Base

Meridian Base offers a fully CAD platform independent solution for engineering drawing management. Version control, revision management and document workflows are provided in a safe, secure environment using a vault concept. The software provides role-based secure access through single sign on. Meridian Base is available in multiple languages and offers integration with CAD, Office and email applications.


Meridian Standard

Meridian Standard provides powerful and flexible Engineering Information Management for the entire enterprise. In addition to managing engineering drawings and documents, Meridian Standard supports project workflows, collaboration with external contractors and compliance with internal and external regulations. The software can be deployed for multiple locations to ensure optimal user performance and support your organization’s future growth.


Meridian Plus

Meridian Plus manages your engineering information throughout the entire asset lifecycle. All asset-related data is stored in a single point of truth and from there is made available to the extended enterprise. This allows operations & maintenance to work safely and efficiently, while engineering executes plant modification projects. Collaboration with internal and external stakeholders is managed through the same system, so that engineering processes are harmonized and regulatory compliance is assured.



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