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CGE is specialized in operational, tactical and strategic risk management and incident analysis software solutions. Our core focus is Barrier Based solutions. Our products are BowTieXP, a bowtie risk management software solution and incident analysis software called Investigator 3 and BlackBox. Both Investigator 3 and BlackBox are based on the Kelvin TOP-SET Method. The software supports Root Cause analysis and Tripod Beta. CGE Risk Management has a worldwide network of partners. Our focus is on the top 500 companies in Oil and Gas, Mining, Aviation and Chemicals.



BowTieXP is a next generation risk assessment tool that uses the Bowtie Method to assess risks. BowTieXP is unique in its ability to visualise complex risks in a way that is understandable, yet also allows for detailed risk based improvement plans.



BowTieServer solves some of the harder problems in risk management, like useful aggregation of risks, tracking barrier performance over time and getting reports off the shelf and into the organisation. It also aims to bridge the gap between board and workforce. All data is built on the BowTie risk assessment model, which provides visual, barrier-based insight into your risks and allows BowTieServer to create a high quality overview based on detailed analysis.

BowTieServer unites different risk disciplines in a single, central repository with BowTies and related information.

It combines all the powerful tools we already have, like BowTieXP, IncidentXP and AuditXP, and unifies them across the organisation. It's also the foundation for an innovative approach to barrier management with a modern take on existing ideas, and an exploration of new concepts.



Learning from incidents is a challenge for most organisations. One of the biggest reasons for this is that the analysis performed on the incident does not provide an adequate basis for high quality recommendations which will change the organisation for the better while still being realistic. IncidentXP will assist you in making recommendation focused on a specific barrier or on the organisational level.



AuditXP is an add-on for the BowTieXP software package. It is used to generate barrier related audit questionnaires. The add-on allows users to easily generate questions concerning barriers and management systems. These single questions can then be compiled into questionnaires, which can be exported as easy Excel audit fill-out lists. After importing the audit findings, the results can be visualised in the diagram. When BowTieServer is used, it is also possible to directly assign questionnaires to persons, have the questions answered via a user-friendly web interface and the results automatically collected.


Investigator 3

Investigator 3 structures your incident investigation by following the steps of the TOP-SET® methodology. This method guides you through the three most important steps during an investigation: planning, storyboarding and analysis.

The software helps you to gather all the relevant information and records the collection of evidence. TOP-SET® will uncover more relevant facts during an investigation by pointing out every factor that could have played a role in your incident, making sure no detail is overlooked.



BlackBox is a software tool that guides you through all phases of incident investigation and analysis. It is a fixed workflow which leads you through an accelerated investigation process, starting with basic investigation information, an investigation diagram, to recommendations and an automatically generated report. It is a very useful tool for low risk incidents and near misses. BlackBox is based on the TOP-SET® incident investigation methodology.

It follows the structure of the TOP-SET® method by guiding you through a wizard. This wizard takes you through the investigation process step by step by asking the right questions at the right time, providing you with tips and instructions. BlackBox has been designed to speed up the investigation process, making it possible to do a full investigation in less than an hour. The software automatically and quickly creates: a cause tree, recommendations and SMART-actions and a detailed report. BlackBox does most of the legwork for you, leaving you able to focus on the critical thinking that goes into an investigation.

Because of BlackBox its simplicity and ease of use, people with any level of computer experience can use it. In this way, the investigation of low risk incidents is made much more straightforward and more productive.



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