CloudSuite is an intelligent commerce platform for B2B and B2C environments with solutions for every imaginable e-commerce strategy.


Commerce Suite

Achieve your e-commerce strategy by combining your own business software with the Commerce Suite. We connect our platform with your system (such as SAP, Infor, Exact, Unit4, Afas or Microsoft). Your products, prices, stock and customer data are read in, displayed in the webshop and augmented with data from our PIM module.

We have put a lot of thought and effort into B2B e-procurement. With our software you can let your larger customers, such as hospitals and schools hospitals and schools manage their own superusers, authorisations, workflows and budgets. We can also link their environment with your e-shop via OCI punchin and OCI punchout.

B2B customers are behaving more and more like consumers and are now demanding B2C features in your webshops. This is why we are focusing on sales-stimulating features, such as a fast search engine, fresh designs and intuitive navigation, and paying close attention to developments such as omni-channel and responsive designs.


Full Suite

With the Full Suite you not only have versatile webshops, you also have access to an integrated CRM, ERP and financial system. An all-in-one and ordered platform with no hodgepodge of links.

The ERP module enables you to manage your logistics, administrative and financial business processes efficiently. The PIM module is for the augmentation of product information and the CRM module ensures you have optimum insight into customers, leads and prospects.

How do you keep up in a fast-changing online world? What do you need to remain competitive and how do you get it? CloudSuite is a powerful player that understands what is happening and helps you to operate effectively and profitably. This will ensure your success. Not just today, but also tomorrow.


Flex Suite

Do you have special requirements? If so opt for the Flex Suite. Suitable for multi-vendor portals, points shops, franchise platforms and other special concepts.

Our Flex Suite is fully equipped for all the special requirements demanded of points shops (webshops in which customers can exchange their savings points for gifts).

Offer your consumers and retailers a clear and central portal, each having access to their own price lists and conditions.

A smart way to give franchisees their own websites in which they can maintain overview of their own assortment, prices and customers. The franchisor retains control via central management. The perfect combination!

Is your concept not included here? With our flexible technology and technical expertise it would have to be an extremely peculiar concept to prevent us from fulfilling your wishes. Don’t hesitate to contact us, because our development team loves an interesting challenge.



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