Crunchr is an online solution for workforce reporting and people analytics, based in Amsterdam and San Francisco.

Organisations face the challenge to create useful insights from all the employee data that they have. This data is scattered across multiple sources and even when they have all data available, organisations find it difficult to actually use it effectively. Crunchr makes people analytics accessible to these organisations.

It consolidates and validates people data from different core HR systems and makes it accessible through an intuitive interface with extensive filters. We implement Crunchr in 6 weeks, and this is included in the fixed annual license fee.



Advance in workforce reporting and analytics. Get direct insights in the headcount, distributions, organization structure, attrition and trends. With organisation, you can run several organisation effectiveness analyses, which create insight in your workforce fundamentals. Find out how quickly you can determine annual report statistics, observe headcount over time, perform overhead analyses and explore restructuring or improvement opportunities.



Strategic workforce planning and budgeting. Predict workforce supply and demand based on your data and business scenarios. Workforce helps an organisation to get started with strategic workforce planning and budgeting. Use your company data, custom business scenarios and our algorithms to predict workforce supply and demand.



Identify talent and to prioritize actions. Creates talent pipeline oversight and identifies talent requirements applicable to your organisation. This app will make it easier to monitor talent in your organisation and prioritize talent interventions. The insights in both talent pools and individuals help your management to managing their human capital more effectively.



Improve the strength and quality of your succession plans. Improve your leadership pipeline by understanding people flows within your organisation. Improve the succession strength and quality by understanding people flows within your organisation. Ensure a strong leadership pipeline through dynamic and interactive succession reporting. Succession calculates how strong your overall succession network actually is.



Determine what motivates your people. Create an attractive and simple survey to collect your people’s preferences. If you want to become employer of choice, attracting and retaining the right workforce, you will have to understand what drives your (future) employees. If you want to optimise your reward package by providing the highest perceived value at the lowest possible cost, you will have to understand the preferences of your (future) workforce.



Coming soon - use your Crunchr dataset to build your own models and analyses.



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