Crunchr offers an innovative SaaS cloud solution for self-service workforce analytics, reporting, strategic planning and preference surveys. With Crunchr, multiple data sources can easily be combined into a secure, GDPR compliant, single source of truth.

Crunchr provides HR and business leaders with meaningful people insights for better, data-driven decision making, regarding the entire employee life-cycle, e.g. Talent Acquisition, Diversity & Inclusion, Gender-Pay Gap, Succession Planning and Internal Mobility.

CrunchrApps Workforce

Why Would a company go for Crunchr Workforce? Crunchr is easy to use and the implementation is fast (less than 4 weeks). We see most companies building their own analytics tool, which is a great start. But then you get traction and your internal customers want more. How will you deliver with only a few people? And who brings in continuous innovation? Let Crunchr help you.



Essential predictive insights on the employee journey, from hire to retire.

- Data-driven storytelling
- Navigate and visualise workforce data
- Failed hires and talent retention
- Measuring and improving data quality



Align your business strategy with workforce scenarios to prepare for the future.

- Future of Work
- Demand Planning
- Supply Forecast
- Scenarios and Predictive Analytics



Design a competitive employer brand with an employee preference gamified survey.

- Personalize the talent experience
- Listen to your talent
- Deep insights with Artificial Intelligence

The design of the Crunchr diamond makes participants think consciously of what they find most important in their work. The swipe element is fun and engaging. While a classic survey setup ('do you want more salary?') often leads to unusable data, the Crunchr diamond leads to actionable insights. Setting up the preference survey is done within an hour. From the start, you have real-time, interactive and actionable insights in what talent wants.



Reduce costs, save time and make impact with tailored dashboards.

- Lack of insights
- Save time and cost with Crunchr stories
- Fully customizable

Actively slice and dice your data!



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