Desk content marketing

Consumers do not care about channels (Koster & Meerman, 2011). Anytime, they want to decide where and what kind of information to receive. Digitally or print and with the same experience (omnichannel). This is a challenge for organizations.

So today more and more organizations engage in a new form of marketing called: content marketing. This directs organizations to focus on creating consistent, valuable and compelling content, publishing it into channels in order to generate positive behavior and thereby building long-term relationships with customers. By that, turning customers into fans.

Desk content marketing responds to this by offering a total solution called ‘Desk’. A sophisticated content marketing software platform that supports organizations in the automation of these marketing processes – from content creation up to and including publishing. Helping organizations to turn complexity into simplicity.



DESK kan ingezet worden voor meerdere doeleinden:
- Product informatie beheren (PIM)
- Mediabestanden beheren (DAM)
- Web Content Management
- Printproces volledig geïntegreerd
- Automatisch folders produceren
- Publishing on Demand (PuoD)
- E-mail marketing



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