The payment service platform. Re-imagined.

We offer a forward-thinking white-label technology platform for businesses providing global payment services. Our focus on frictionless customer boarding, real-time payment processing and advanced data analytics adds substantial value for your customers, throughout their relationship with you.

Our flexible and easy-to-integrate platform enables you to differentiate through innovation, regardless of the role payment services plays in your business.

All features of our comprehensive platform are addressable via a unified and modern API, ensuring it can easily and progressively mesh with your existing technology investment.



Dimebox provides a Payment Intelligence Platform that offers advanced technology to financial institutions, helping them to improve and expand their payment processing business. The product vision is to support the full range of relevant operational requirements, in a technologically-advanced and highly-automated manner. The solution is fully transaction-centric, forming the basis of its capability to transform transactional data into value-added services, in real time. Dimebox reverse-engineered the way payments schemes process transactions. We rebuilt and enhanced the technical core, focussing on the essentials, enhanced with cutting-edge features, and with functionality that is highly independent of the type of payment stakeholder to which you want to connect. Our technology is modular by design, adapting to current and future business needs. The platform can be leveraged in stages, incrementally building on existing functionality. The integration and gateway layer, the data module and business intelligence tools, as well as the next-generation payment-processing engine, can be selectively deployed to meet customer needs. Dimebox taps into existing business processes, and with its high level of automation reduces the resource requirements to operate the service.



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Opgericht in 2014
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Type software

  • Analytics & Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)
  • Point of Sale (PoS)


  • FinanciĆ«le dienstverlening
  • Retail

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