Esize is in 1999 begonnen met het ontwikkelen van een nieuwe generatie inkoopsoftware. Eind 2001 vond de marktintroductie plaats en zijn de eerste klanten aangesloten. Inmiddels zijn wij uitgegroeid tot marktleider op het gebied van Cloud Spend Management. Onze kracht schuilt in een unieke bundeling van inkoopexpertise en softwarekennis. Belangrijk daarbij is de gebruikersvriendelijkheid van de applicatie in combinatie met specialistische inkoopkennis op het gebied van vraagstukken rondom inkoopprofessionalisering en integrale procesoptimalisatie. De applicatie is dan ook ontwikkeld vanuit de gedachte “van inkopers voor inkopers”.

Vanuit deze achtergrond en op basis van onze unieke propositie zijn wij uitgegroeid tot specialist en marktleider op het gebied van geïntegreerde inkoopoplossingen. Inmiddels zijn een groot aantal succesvolle projecten gerealiseerd voor toonaangevende organisaties in uiteenlopende branches. Zo hebben we binnen de overheid een leidende positie verworven op het gebied van elektronisch bestellen en factureren. De oplossingen bieden ondersteuning aan de complete inkoopcyclus, ongeacht de branche waarin organisaties zich begeven. Onze klanten vindt u onder meer in de financiële en zakelijke dienstverlening, bouw, industrie, zorg, onderwijs en overheid.


Esize Sourcing

You will have a complete solution for the entire strategic/tactical procurement process with Esize Sourcing. From defining the procurement strategy in an unequivocal and transparent sourcing roadmap to the quotation process and the assessment and selection of suppliers.


Esize Contract Management

With Esize Contract Management you can record all contracts centrally. It will increase your insight into all required contract information so that you have a reliable basis for maintaining of your contract portfolio. You will also always have real-time insight into your financial liabilities.


Esize Vendor Management

With Esize Vendor Management you can bring together all information about your vendors in a transparent manner in one central database. All data will be available online for the entire organisation. In one single overview the system will present exactly the information that you need. Searching is easy because of a wide range of selection options.


Esize Project Management

Esize Project Management supports your procurement projects as from the initial set-up and planning stage up to and including implementation and delivery. You can increase efficiency by standardising projects based on project templates. All those involved will, moreover, always have a clear overview of the full project and their tasks and the project manager can easily monitor project progress. Your strategic procurement processes will become totally transparent when building up a project file. You will always have insight into the correct information to be able to justify the legitimacy of your expenditure.


Esize Procurement

With Esize Procurement, you will be bringing together the operational procurement of all imaginable products and services together in one system. The solution supports the full operational procurement process: from order request and approval procedure to order creation and receipt registration.


Esize Workforce

With Esize Workforce you will ensure that the entire hiring process of temporary staff is faster and more efficient. The solution will assist with regard to the different steps in the process: defining framework agreements, job profiles, personnel requests, candidate selection, drafting hiring contracts and timekeeping. The system will link all these steps to each other and you can, therefore, ensure that data does not have to be entered again and again manually.


Esize Invoice Management

You will have a grip and control on the whole process of registration, matching and passing invoices for payment with Esize Invoice Management. It will take over a large part of the administrative work and it will ensure that problem invoices are processed quickly and efficiently.


Esize Invoice Scan & Capture

You can process, link to your financial system, deliver to the correct budget holder for checking at the correct moment, pay and, last but not least, archive all your invoices quickly and without errors with Invoice Scan & Capture. Digitally and in a fully automated manner. This solution is extremely suitable for companies that process more than 5,000 invoices a year.


Esize Reporting

Esize Reporting allows you to obtain access to all the necessary information from all independent Esize applications and other (purchasing) systems and to compare and strategically use this information.This provides you with a comprehensive overview of all your organization’s expenditures, even if this information stems from different systems in different languages and currencies.


Esize Spend Intelligence

Esize Spend Intelligence is a new generation Business Intelligence (BI) solution, with which you create fully interactive dashboards based on real-time data. Simply conjure up the information you need to your screen, with a few mouse clicks. You analyse and visualise data exactly as you see fit, and can change your preferences at the touch of a button.


Esize Inventory Management

With Esize Inventory Management you register all your information at one central location. This provides both you and your staff at other locations a clear overview of the inventory and flow of goods in the warehouses and warehouse locations. Your inventory is always up-to-date. You never have too few products and know exactly when to order more, the correct quantity, the minimum inventory you need, the delivery time and the purchase price.



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Opgericht in 1999
FTE: 51 tot 100

Type software

  • Accounting & Finance
  • Analytics & Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Document Management
  • Kennis & Communicatie
  • Procurement
  • Project Management (PM)
  • Warehouse Management (WMS)


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