Five Degrees

Five Degrees is leverancier van moderne bancaire technologie en is in 2010 opgericht. Haar hoofdkantoor bevindt zich in Nederland. Five Degrees ondersteunt financials bij hun digitale transformatie met haar next-generation digitale bancaire platform.



Modern banks require software that is built around reliable customer data. Neither the product nor the services define the processes. The customer information and profile does. Also from a compliance and risk perspective, a full 360 degrees view on all data, media and processes associated with the customer is required to serve the client optimally and fully compliant at the same time.

Matrix offers a complete and complex data model that is able to distinguish between different types of entities (individuals, corporates or portfolios) and captures all possible relationships between such entities. Matrix’ design approach allows a bank to treat any customer, employee or 3rd party advisor as a person, being an authorised user of its system. The system just assigns the roles associated with such person at (secure) login.



Spaklerweg 52
1114 AE Amsterdam
088 0086400

Opgericht in 2010
FTE: 101 tot 500


Type software

  • Business Process Management (BPM)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Document Management
  • Kennis & Communicatie


  • Financiële dienstverlening

Gevestigd in

  • IJsland
  • Nederland
  • Portugal