Framer is a new kind of design tool. One that redefines what it means to shape digital products. Unobstructed by the traditional distinction between designers and developers. It’s the best way to explore and discover what you want to create.

Images and words have dominated how we communicate ideas. With them, we’ve explained how products work. But they’re inadequate to define how products feel. To understand the potential of our ideas, we need to be able to interact with them.

Framer is a playground to tinker with interactivity and learn how to code. Learning to code is challenging, but its inevitable value is obvious. Once grasped, the creative possibilities are only limited by your imagination.


Singel 364
1016 AH Amsterdam

Opgericht in 2014
FTE: 21 tot 50


Type software

  • Kennis & Communicatie


  • Information Technology
  • Niet-sectorspecifiek
  • Zakelijke dienstverlening

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  • Nederland