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Sinds de oprichting van het bedrijf in 2004, helpt FullFact teams in complexe en kapitaalintensieve productieomgevingen om te ontdekken waar de – vaak verborgen – verbeterpunten in het productieproces zitten en de verliezen te beperken. Meer dan 4.500 productielijnen in middelgrote en grote internationale productieomgevingen maken gebruik van FullFacts OEE-oplossing.



OEEblue is a powerful and easy to use solution for data collection, visualization and analysis. It can be configured to work in any production environment, straight out of the box. Fixed time, fixed price, fast implementations.

Our data collection is the heart of OEEblue. It works for all types of machines at any level of automation. From simply using existing sensors to direct PLC connections to OPC interfacing. We automatically record up and down time, production details, production numbers, speed and quality rates. Down time reasons codes can be easily selected by the operator on a touch screen or automatically via external sources.
The data collection interface allows workers and operators to receive immediate feedback on the current production status and the shift performance as a whole. It features live production details, various real time dashboards, log-book and comments section and much more.

OEEblue boasts a wide array of clear and insightful graphs, charts and reports, varying from hands-on easily interpretable graphs to comprehensive Business Intelligence analyses. It is intuitively categorized from generic OEE information to detailed views on availability, performance and quality losses. The analyzer will provide you with all the information needed to make the right decisions. You can also edit and share all of your raw data, graphs and reports or search the logbook, edit and change your master data. Anything really. We believe that our users should be in charge of the system and have full access to all of their data. We want OEEblue to work for you.



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Opgericht in 2004
FTE: 11 tot 20


Type software

  • Analytics & Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)


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