Harver revolutionizes pre-hire talent assessment and substitutes the traditional HR cycle with a new industry standard of preselection. Our predictive analytics determine with extreme accuracy exactly which candidates will perform best in the job. It’s automated, data- driven and intelligent – learning from client feedback and adjusting its algorithms accordingly. Our solution taps directly into the applicant’s core competencies, translating into real-life, predictive fresh data. Embedded as integral SaaS solution within the clients HR process.

We’ve already made our name in the field of contact centers, where our clients include top international industry leaders. After winning the NCCA HRM Award in 2014, Harver received international recognition. In November 2015 we were awarded ‘best recruitment case’ together with our client CAK.

From our offices in Amsterdam, London and New York, we’re signing-up new clients every week. We’ve connected clients across 13 countries, preselecting candidates in 42 languages. Our approach has now proven successful in other areas too. We are now also changing the market in industries with high applicant numbers for customer-facing jobs.

We see tremendous possibility for disruption in the world of recruitment and further. Advances in technology, data and psychology mean we’re on the verge of a tectonic shift in the industry.



TalentPitch predicts exactly who will perform best: applicants experience the job with real world scenarios.

Each applicant goes through an online application experience. The experience is tailor-made for your organization, giving a realistic preview of the job while collecting success-predicting data.

The Harver algorithms calculate the likeliness of success for each applicant. Our dashboard presents the applicants in the most relevant way possible.

All the information and insights we gather about the applicant are presented in one clear overview that gives you all the support you need to make your final decision.

Value every applicant, even if you have to reject them. After completing the Harver TalentPitch, each applicant receives a personal feedback report. 94% of the applicants find this report interesting and valuable.

With every new applicant and every new hire we collect more data to optimize your recruitment process. Using machine learning technology, we provide you with unprecedented recruitment insights.

If you or your applicants have any questions during the process, you / they can call our 24/7 helpdesk.



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