Indica is a young and dynamic, technology-driven, company founded in 2013 by IT professionals. Since then Indica develops and delivers software solutions to automatically correlate, process, index and archive structured and unstructured data. From digital and non-digital sources. Thereby producing knowledge from information and information from data. With Indica research and review are less complex and time-consuming. The software delivers all information by using amongst others patented correlation algorithms, entity recognition and natural language processing (NLP).

In 2011 Indica founders Pieter and Elmar couldn’t meet customer needs facing exponentially growing data volumes. They couldn’t find the solution that would exactly match requirements. Therefore, they decided to develop a tool themselves and developed a unique correlation algorithm. This patented technology became the core of the future product which was highly appreciated on the market. Indica soon grew into a team of professionals with great competence in IT, data science, law, risk and compliance, and economics areas.

Since inception Indica was supported by various advisors and Industry leaders. In 2014 KPMG Netherlands recognized the potential of Indica as an eDiscovery and Compliance tool, Indica and KPMG Netherlands established sales and technological partnership and started jointly develop eDiscovery and Risk & Compliance solutions. In April 2017 Indica got additional funding by the Security of Things Fund of Value Creation Capital. This enables Indica to expand and further secure its business in eDiscovery and Risk & Compliance, mainly focused on its Cloud solutions.


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Opgericht in 2013
FTE: 6 tot 10


Type software

  • Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)


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