Informore is a leading Transport Management solution provider since 1992, specialized in facilitating Purchase-to-Pay processes for larger shippers. Informore is a neutral and independent company, meaning that Informore is fully independent of any logistic service provider. Providing multinational shippers with a solution to optimise, manage and control their logistic processes can only be facilitated from a neutral position.

With her proven solutions Informore enables shippers to take full control of their logistic chain worldwide resulting in savings on their transportation budget ranging from 5 – 10%.

For CFO’s from shippers managing a transportation budget larger than € 10 mio the solution is of particular interest, the departments benefitting most being Sourcing, Logistics and Finance & Administration.

The second core service of Informore is to provide Communities with intelligent Connectivity services, facilitating better use of assets like RTI’s (returnable transport items: crates, pallets, trollies), trucks, docks and terminals.



L2 – the most comprehensive SaaS solution for your entire transportation management process.

- Maintenance of all global carrier rates, rate-additions, locations, transport modes, transit times, etc. is done in the ProcurementManager.
- Order management & Visibility of Shipments in Execution, including supply chain event management (SCEM) is done in the ShipmentManager.
- Based on agreed matching rules the ‘invoicing process’ is fully automated. The most comprehensive source of all your transport related data in 1 place, in 1 format.
- Safe and secure: real-time backups, failover, secure data, SSL, and more.



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