INmatix Technology Group

INmatix Technology Group is a fast growing European telematics service provider. We operate a flexible high-end telematics infrastructure for communication with remote objects like vehicles, trucks, trailers and machinery. We provide our software and network as a turnkey OEM-solution as well as powerful and agile centralized base platform for building your own targeted telematics applications and services.


Telematics Platform

The INmatix Telematics Platform is the backbone of our business. It is the most versatile platform in the market and offers modules and functions like:

- Electronic Drivers Logbook (eDLB)
- Live Tracking
- Driver Behaviour Monitoring
- Fuel Monitoring
- Remote Diagnostics
- Fleet Management System (FMS)
- Messaging
- Dispatching
- Geofencing
- Events
- FMS Analysis
- Remote Tachograph Download
- Advanced Enterprise functionality like business unit support, RBAC and audit-trails

The INmatix telematics platform supports most popular telematics hardware from providers like:
- Cellocater
- Queclink
- Teltonika
- Aplicom
- Ruptella

The INmatx telematics platform is completely customizable and offers extensive back-office functionality like:

- Customer and contact management
- Device management
- SIM management and automatic provisioning
- Modules management
- Order managment
- Planning
- Invoicing and intergration with accounting systems
- Issue tracking & Support
- Sub-white-labeling
- Microsoft Exchange integration

Software Developers & Integrators

The INmatix telematics platform allows software developers and integrators to rapidly roll out new telematics applications tuned to the customer’s wishes and seamlessly integrated in the existing IT infrastructure. The platform handles all complexities of building telematics software and serves as a hardware abstraction layer, supporting a wide range of hardware. Use our Web Service API to easily get information on vehicle status, position, rides etc. and quickly set up two-way communications with remote peripheral devices. By using our Javascript API, map and location functionality can be added to any application within minutes.


Automotive Remote Diagnostics Framework

The award winning INmatix Automotive Remote Diagnostics Framework gives fleet owners valuable insight into the health status of their fleets. It makes all functionality of vehicle diagnostics available over-the-air. It gives you exactly the same insight as OEM diagnostics equipment used in specialized workshops. It enables you to efficiently plan maintenance and repairs and gives you a critical tool for control over the repair invoice process. It gives you the edge instead of being dependent on others.

The platform allows you to create triggers on certain events. Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC’s) which require a warning indication can for instance be brought to immediate attention of a fleet manager. Automatic maintenance mailings can be created depending on the condition of certain parameters.


Fleet Management Software

INmatix’s next generation Fleet Management Software combines enterprise level administrative software with state-of-the-art telematics. In this way, things like malfunction indication and vehicle fault codes can be monitored directly from your Fleet Management solution. Telematics allows you to plan maintenance pro-actively and gives you live insight in the vehicles health status. Allowing your clients access to a rich set of data about their fleet and offering them secondary services like drivers-log, live tracking and green driving, adds value to your proposition and generates strong customer bonding.



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