InnoVites is an Independent Software Vendor with offices in India and the Netherlands. InnoVites develops business solutions exclusively for the cable industry. InnoVites sells and develops InnoVites for Cable: the Industry Solution for the cable industry on Microsoft Dynamics AX. At InnoVites we believe that only a software solution with a natural fit with a cable manufacturing company will deliver its full potential and unleashes enormous business value to our customers in the cable industry.



CableSuite is an integrated suite of enterprise software products, specifically designed to meet the demands of the wire and cable industry in the area of Product Data Management (PDM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Manufacturing Execution (MES). With CableSuite a cable manufacturer or distributor can significantly optimize and accelerate its business processes.

CableSuite provides rich functionality in the areas of design and engineering, sales, logistics, warehousing, production, maintenance, planning and finance. The CableSuite components are a result of many years of translating customer requirements into standard enterprise software.

The CableSuite implementations are supported by experts who understand how to implement the best practices of cable manufacturing and distribution. Consultants who speak your language.

The CableSuite components can be implemented separately or as a complete and integrated single solution. In this way InnoVites offers you best of both worlds: a best of breed strategy for each separate component and a one stop shop for a complete cable manufacturing or distribution solution.



The ERP software system of your company is like the nervous system of a human body. It collects and processes information from all parts of the business and provides managers with the tools to control the organization, and the information to make decisions and to respond to changing business environments.

InnoVites CableERP has especially been developed for the Wire & Cable industry. The specific problems of this industry, which are not supported by standard ERP packages, are covered in this solution.

Essential functions and benefits of InnoVites CableERP are:
- Master Data Management
- Sales (and Purchase) Order Entry
- Master Planning
- Production Planning, Sequencing and Execution
- Delivery



CablePlan is InnoVites’ Master Planning System for Wire & Cable manufacturers. CablePlan addresses the key challenges in medium- and short-term planning which are:
- Maximizing capacity utilization 

- Minimizing throughput time, and inventory



CableMES is a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) specifically for the cable and wire manufacturing industry. CableMES is part of the CableSuite product portfolio. CableMES helps to:
- Increase the Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE)
- Reduce scrap and rework
- Improve productivity
- Improve product quality
- Reduce production cost
- Reduce production time
- Increase product traceability
- Facilitate decision making at the shop floor

MES enables a huge step in manufacturing performance, resulting in reduced material utilization, reduced scrap and rework, improved productivity, and higher quality products at a much reduced cost comparable with other means to achieve the same quality levels. It enables manufacturers to make quality products first time, every time in the quickest possible time.

Traceability of production is an inherent aspect of MES. CableMES uses barcode and RF transducers to track batches of cable drums and containers. Operators use badges to minimize administrative overhead while keeping track of all relevant transactions.

CableMES tracks the machine status and the quality of the product either through online sensors such as diameter gauges, length gauges, or offline equipment such as shadow graphs and automated measurement equipment. CableMES also connects to sensors to track material utilization, through loss-in-weight systems, and even electricity consumption.

Tracing and storing data against each batch is an essential aspect of obtaining and maintaining quality certification, however, the collected data has even greater value in aiding continuous improvement. But before using the data in projects such as scrap reduction, the data needs to be conditioned to make it relevant to the task. CableMES uses the vast library of Wonderware analytical tools to help managers and engineers make sense of raw data. Tools like OEE, and SPC come as modules of the solution as well as other bespoke analysis tools.



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