iWelcome provides Identity & Access Management as a service (IDaaS). With iWelcome’s cloud platform, organizations manage the identity lifecycle and the access rights of their employees, private & business customers, partners and suppliers in a simple, secure and efficient manner.

iWelcome is a 100% European company, is certified by the Dutch Government and resides exclusively in European Datacenters.

Our platform and organisation are engineered to facilitate the complexity and security requirements of small and large enterprise and government organisations.



We provide Identity and Access Management as a service. A full set of functionality, offered from the cloud to cater for all sorts of different use cases. Whether dealing with the access rights of internal employees, or the identity platform for your customer facing applications that store millions of users and their profile information.

We have designed and built iWelcome with the complexity, security requirements, privacy concerns, and flexibility challenges of large organisations in mind. iWelcome is a cloud born platform and we therefore bring you all the benefits from the as-a-service delivery model. We get you up-and-running in a number of weeks, maybe days even and you pay-as-you-go for the usage our IAM functionality. We are private by design, from network, thru application and offer each customer a protected iWelcome environment. Our platform is engineered to securily offer a full scope of IAM functionality to connect all types of users: from employees thru suppliers and from partner to consumers.



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