Magenta MMT (TSS)

Magenta MMT has since 1995 delivered high-end systems for the overall organization for management and improvement of (professional) proficiency of individual employees and the organization as a whole. The Magenta suite offers proficiency management, E-learning and course administration. Niveo, the Dutch Institute for Proficiency, Education & Development, offers a software suite to improve and secure the competence of employees in the Netherlands. With Niveo’s help employers can see at a glance which training, exercises, certificates and competencies their employees hold.



Met de totaalsuites VeiligheidsPaspoort en ZoneForce ondersteunt MagentaMMT een groot aantal veiligheidsregio's en hulpverleningszones in Nederland en België.



Lasondersingel 164
7514 BW Enschede
053 4334201

Opgericht in 1995
FTE: 11 tot 20

Type software

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  • Nederland