Mews Systems

Cloud-based property management software that helps hotels and hostels automate their operations so they can focus on their guests. Plug in your favourite apps and manage your PMS from any device and at anytime.


Mews Commander

Our Cloud based Property Management System allows access anytime, from any device, letting you manage operations from any location, as long as you are connected to the internet.
- Built in online check-in
- Integrated and Automated Payments
- Smart Channel Management and CRS integrations
- Flexible and Advanced Reporting tools
- Integrated Housekeeping App
- Support -7 days a week


Mews Distributor

The Mews Distributor is our mobile optimised solution that can be incorporated in any hotel website, offering you the ability to start selling immediately, offering live availability and rates. We allow full integration of Google Analytics and AdWords, to enable performance tracking. We currently see a conversion of 7,2% (during Jan-May 2016) from the moment guests enter dates, to actually completing their booking journey.


Mews Navigator

A mobile concierge solution, accessible to guests in a native iOS experience or directly on the internet.
- Online check-in for all of the Mews hotels, giving guests the choice to bypass the reception
- Messages, a modern way for your guests to contact the reception via messages, integrated into the PMS.
- City Guides offer a super local experience, curated by the hotel.
- Hotel Services: offer guests the ability to order services such as room service, housekeeping, bike rental, etc.


Mews Merchant

Introducing a fully integrated payment solution that enables mobile payments with the click of a button. Bringing full payment automation in hotels, allowing you to focus on your guests and creating true hospitality experiences. Mews Merchant has the ability to bypass the need for physical terminals 85% of the time, saving both time and money!



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Opgericht in 2012
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