MobileBridge is driving the next generation of mobile solutions for organizations worldwide. Our leading mobile engagement platform improves your mobile channels so you know and engage your customers better by bridging their on-line and offline worlds. With solutions in proximity marketing, customer engagement, mobile commerce, and customer insights, we help businesses increase customer loyalty, retention, and revenue.

We provide marketers with the ability to easily create rich mobile assets, automate customer journeys, and deeply segment customers. Our cloud platform easily integrates with other existing systems such as CRM, POS, marketing automation and e-commerce providing integrated data that allows for smart targeting of customers.

Real-time analytics provides insights into customer behavior and enables teams to make informed business decisions quickly. With offices in Boston, Amsterdam and London, we help companies like Volkswagen, Pirelli, and Burger King elevate their mobile apps to engage users, build brand loyalty, and drive revenue.


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Opgericht in 2013
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