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Noldus Information Technology develops and delivers innovative software and hardware solutions and services for the measurement and analysis of behavior. These allow our customers to advance their research, product development, training and education. Noldus has offices across Europe, North America and China, and is represented by a worldwide network of distributors.



With the Viso® suite of software tools, audiovisual solutions, you can create and synchronize high-definition audio, video, and screen recordings from multiple rooms at once. Viso brings you recording, management, and control technology like nothing else in the market. This user-friendly software suite also includes annotation.



FaceReader is the complete facial expression analysis software. More than 10.000 manually annotated images used for training the software. Objectivity in observations. Accurate modeling of the face by describing 500 key points. Versatile system including OEM licensing and an API.

FaceReader automatically analyzes 6 basic facial expressions, as well as neutral and contempt. It also calculates gaze direction, head orientation, and person characteristics. The Project Analysis Module is ideal for advanced analysis and reporting: you quickly gain insight into the effects of different stimuli. And, analysis of Action Units is available.

FaceReader is used worldwide at more than 400 universities, research institutes, and companies in many markets, such as consumer behavior research, usability studies, psychology, educational research, and market research.



The Observer XT is the professional and user-friendly software package for the collection, analysis, and presentation of observational data.

Code behavior in an accurate and quantitative way. Integrate video, audio, eye tracking, physiology, and more. Calculate statistics and assess reliability. Code on-the-go using a handheld with Pocket Observer.

The Observer XT supports the entire workflow of your project, from setting up to gathering and analyzing the observational data. Designing a coding scheme has never been easier. You can extend your system with different modules, uLog, uASQ, Pocket Observer, and Coder Licenses.

More than 20,000 professionals around the world are using The Observer XT for advancing their research, testing, and training. The Observer XT is used worldwide at universities, research institutes, along with leading companies in many markets.


EthoVision® XT

EthoVision XT is the most widely applied video tracking software that tracks and analyzes the behavior, movement, and activity of any animal.

A cost-effective solution for all standard behavioral tests such as the Morris water maze and open field testing. High-throughput and high-content testing. Suitable for sophisticated test-protocols. Package deals available for combinations with a wide range of mazes.

EthoVision XT is a software platform. You can start with Base, which is all you need to perform experiments with one animal in one arena per trial (such as a water maze test). Use different modules, such as social interaction or rat behavior recognition, to create a solution that fits your research perfectly.

EthoVision XT is used in a wide range of fields, mostly related to neurosciences, such as toxicology, safety pharmacology, psychopharmacology, drug discovery, molecular biology, genetics, behavioral neurosciences, but also in applied ethology, and animal welfare studies.



DanioScope is a non-invasive video analysis tool to investigate zebrafish embryo and larva parameters.

All-in-one tool for zebrafish embryos and larvae: activity, heartbeat, flow, and morphology. Video based: non-invasive. Complete solution with microscope available. Easy and intuitive software, no specific training. Cost-effective solution that is suitable for high-throughput research.

Based on video files of zebrafish embryos and/or larvae (individuals or groups) DanioScope measures parameters in several categories: Activity, Cardiology, and Flow. Images can be used to measure morphological parameters.

DanioScope is originally designed for toxicological and pharmacological studies, but it can be used by anyone interested in measuring activity- and morphology-related parameters in zebrafish embryos and larvae. Because it is cost-effective and requires no specific training, it is accessible software for anyone.


CatWalkTM XT

CatWalk XT is a complete system for quantitative assessment of footfalls and motor performance in rats and mice.

Easy to use and maintain, plug and play solution. Accurate and objective data. Quantification of footprints and gait in unforced moving animals. Illuminated Footprints: detection of real footprints and body weight distribution. High-throughput research. Validated in peer-reviewed research.

CatWalk XT is a highly sensitive tool to assess gait and locomotion. The rat or mouse traverses a glass plate voluntarily (towards a goal box), and its footprints are captured. CatWalk XT visualizes the prints and calculates statistics related to print dimensions and the time and distance relationships between footfalls.

CatWalk XT gait analysis has been validated in research and experimental producedures for several (neurological) disorders and lesions. Examples include spinal cord injury and other nerve injuries, neuropathic pain, arthritis, stroke, Parkinson’s, Cerebellar ataxia, traumatic brain injury, peripheral nerve damage, and more.



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