In the Phenom-World it is all about images and the results that come from them. With the Phenom™ desktop (or tabletop) scanning electron microscope (SEM) and the Fibermetric System, we offer solutions based on world renown electron optics.

Phenom-World is a strong, strategic joint-venture of the NTS-Group, world leader in mechatronics, Sioux, the embedded systems company and FEI, specialist in electron microscopy. Combining their strength, know how and market knowledge is a solid base to engineer, develop and market customer focused products and solutions.

In today’s market it is important that rapid measurements can be made to signal mistakes and shortcomings, support educational needs and speed up time to market of inventions and solutions.

Optimized SEM Imaging Solutions.



The ProSuite software package enables Phenom users to extract maximum information from images made with the Phenom desktop scanning electron microscope (SEM). It extends the capabilities of the Phenom, a high-resolution imaging tool, to satisfy specific application needs. The ProSuite software is installed on the Phenom Application System. This monitor-mounted PC is the hardware platform for all ProSuite software, leaving the Phenom system in its original state and guaranteeing maximum system stability and uptime.



The Phenom desktop SEM with PoroMetric software allows easy generation and analysis of SEM images. The integrated PoroMetric software allows the user to gather data on distribution of pores, and pore parameters like pore size and aspect ratio.



The Phenom desktop SEM with ParticleMetric software allows easy generation and analysis of SEM images. The integrated ParticleMetric software allows the user to gather morphology and particle size data for many submicron particle applications. The fully automated measurements of ParticleMetric allow a level of visual exploration beyond optical microscopy that can lead to new discoveries and innovations in powder design, development, and quality control.


Elemental Mapping

The Elemental Mapping & Line Scan function is an option within the EID software package. Elemental mapping reveals the distribution of elements within the sample. Here the previously selected elements for the spot analysis can be mapped at a user-specified pixel resolution and acquisition time. The real-time mapping algorithm shows live build-up of the selected element maps while storing spectra of each pixel. This allows elements to be added or removed at any time during or after the mapping process.


3D Roughness Reconstruction

With the 3D Roughness Reconstruction application, the Phenom desktop SEM systems are able to generate three-dimensional images and submicrometer roughness measurements.

3D imaging helps to interpret sample characteristics and makes images understandable for a larger group of users. It is often difficult, for example, to identify dents, scratches and burrs from flat 2D images. Measuring the average roughness (Ra) and the roughness height (Rz) is critical for controlling and understanding production processes. By using SEM imaging for data collection, a much better resolution can be achieved than by using traditional (indirect) methods.



Direct observation and measurement of micro and nano fibers is faster, more efficient and easier than ever before, with the improved Fibermetric application.
In combination with the Phenom desktop SEM, the Fibermetric application allows you to produce accurate size information from micro and nano fiber samples.

The automated image characterization generates hundreds of measurements in seconds. In addition to more accurate data acquisition, the automated measurements of the Fibermetric application guarantee a fast return on investment: time savings compared to previous manual measurements; operator independent; more consistent data.

With the Fibermetric it has become possible to measure and analyze samples with large fiber diameter differences.


Phenom Programming Interface (PPI)

The Phenom Programming Interface (PPI) is a must-have for any customer that wants to integrate their Phenom desktop SEM into a production process or for creating a customized solution.

Based on open standards, it is now possible to control any part of the Phenom desktop SEM. Stage, navigation camera, and SEM controls can be accessed using this Phenom Programmable Interface. PPI works via the network interface of the Phenom. PPI comes with a custom C++ library which makes integration with your own applications a breeze and which can be compiled on Linux, Windows, iOS, and Mac OS X.



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