Portavita is an international leading eHealth supplier of Integrated Care Systems (ICS), based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Portavita’s innovative “Software as a Service”-platform supports 70 customers treating over 500.000 patients worldwide in a multidisciplinary setting. Within these medical organisations, 9.000 medical professionals and 70.000 participating self-management patients use our online solution on a daily basis.

Input of leading medical professionals and their patients is the basis for the current modules of the system: Anticoagulation, Asthma/COPD, Cardiovascular Risk Management, Diabetes and Elderly Care. Patient participation through active self-management is an important part of these modules. Individualization of care in an aging society demands coordinated support for the multidisciplinary teams treating individuals with one or more comorbidities.

Big Medical Data Intelligence Solutions are an integrated part of the Portavita portfolio and ensure high quality management reporting, analysis and research functionality.

The system is multilingual and currently in use in the Netherlands, Germany, Russia, France, Switzerland and Poland.


Integrated Care System

The Integrated Care System (ICS) supports the cooperation between all care providers, out of one or even different organisations, including the patient.

Since the platform is offered as ‘Software as a Service’, all relevant information can be shared at any time from any place. Besides care providers and patients, other involved people as well can be granted access to all or parts of the information stored, according to their role and responsibilities.

We offer a number of different solutions. Depending on your needs, you can choose to start with one or more modules of our Generic ICS Module, our Care Management Modules or our Data Management solutions.

The Portavita Integrated Care System is unique as, for the following reasons:
- It is based on international standards like HL7, IHE and SNOMED CT;
- Patients themselves have access to the system and can add information;
- All users can access the system through a secure Internet connection from any location and at any time;
- Data management can be integrated to simplify administration, reporting and research;
- All Care Management Modules (Anticoagulation, Diabetes, Asthma/COPD, Cardio Vascular Risk Management, Palliative and Elderly Care) are scalable, so you can start using the system quickly and easily, with only a few users, and extend the number of users and involved organisations as you grow. Even if the complexity of your care processes and collaborations increase dramatically, this will not have any significant impact on the use of the system.

Portavita complies with to international regulations, has been certified to ISO 13485:2003 and is compliant with the medical device directive (CE).



By using the Portavita Integrated Care System, a large amount of structured and unstructured data can be gathered about a patient, such as documents, laboratory values, genetic, social and sensor data. Analysis of this data can be used for several purposes, including support for care coordination, scientific research, Personal Health Records, financial processes, and to acquire insights on patient level, practice level and regional level.
To facilitate access to this valuable data, Portavita’s sister company MGRID has developed a healthcare data platform.

By unlocking the data that is stored in all kinds of sources, the MGRID clinical data platform makes this data available for use in business intelligence applications, translational medicine and data mining projects.

The MGRID clinical data platform is scalable and secure, and the only data store that is truly aware of the semantics of medical information.



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