We understand that, more than ever before, brands face an enormous challenge to be the strongest in their category. Marketers need to be able to make complex decisions quickly and with confidence. We create powerful software solutions that provide quick and accurate insights into your data and deliver the essential forecasts you need for success. We offer consulting and implementation services in such diverse areas as analytical support and consulting, data management services and cloud solutions.



MarketingTracker™ consolidates all your internal and external brand and market data sources into a single application. Many sales & marketing departments are already using our extremely powerful analytical tools. Market researchers, sales analysts, and controllers can run queries quickly and easily, and perform analyses on all the data available. You don't need to write any complex queries yourself. It's also very easy to integrate a variety of information sources into a single dashboard and to create your own reports. MarketingTracker™ retrieves data from a variety of data sources including Nielsen, IRI, GfK, and tracking data, as well as your own internal sales data.



Scanmar has integrated a unique set of data sources and dashboards into MarketingTracker™ – data sources that are extensively used within your markets. This will give you a huge competitive advantage!

Guided analytics provides you with an insight into market trends (KPIs) in just three mouse clicks. It also pinpoints underlying causes (drivers) and whether they constitute an actual trend or are sporadic fluctuations.

Embedded analytics is used for underlying databases and analytical dashboards. You can see the relationships between KPIs and drivers at a glance, and how these correlate. You can also gain a quick insight into various data perspectives, e.g. moving annual totals (MAT), year-to-date (YTD), and various other variables such as growth, growth percentage, share, etc. – all available for select category, brand, or customer combinations.



PlanCaster™ is a breath of fresh air for sales planning staff and account managers struggling to get a grip on their sales and production forecasts. It goes without saying that PlanCaster™ uses the required statistical methods to calculate forecasts, but even more importantly it’s the optimal tool for staff members for whom performing these complex calculations is more of a burden than a pleasure.



Intelligent reporting based on embedded market models. You can generate and print reports at the touch of button providing you with a complete picture of the macro-, meso- and micro-variables that affect market trends and your market presentation. Leave the complex number crunching to BrandReporter™ so that you can focus on threats and opportunities.
Scanmar's BrandReporter™

Market size (demand) and your own market performance are dependent on numerous factors. These factors also vary from market to market and include a combination of macro-environmental factors (population growth, GDP, weather, demand for alternatives, direct competition, consumer trends, etc.), as well as pricing, advertising pressure, and distribution concentration.

BrandReporter™ automatically generates written and/or chart-based reports for all your markets. Reports contain simple explanations about the correlations between relevant market factors, and how these affect market growth and your performance.

BrandReporter™ uses an intelligent tool to allow you to define, import, and test your own market models. You can then validate these models using study results. It's also possible to use BrandReporter™ using an assumption-based approach.



SurveyModeler™ is a unique tool that Scanmar designed and developed for market researchers and market research agencies.

It allows you to build your own MarketingTracker™ data marts and display them in the way that you are used to seeing them. You can use SurveyModeler™ to create data marts and generate reports for smaller-scale surveys. Standard SPSS skills are all that you'll need to be able to build a data mart or dashboard.



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