Shifter provides Software as a Service application for flexpool management. All your employees deserve your fullest attention. This includes flexible staff. Shifter helps your HR to extend its attention to the flexible work force, and to derive more results from this attention.

Shifter has launched an online application that improves the way companies work and interact with their flexible staff.

Shifter supports forecasting of demand of work and supply of resources, based on internal KPI’s and data. It helps the team coordinator to plan shifts together with the employees, getting to a good planning is teamwork. At the day of the event the app gives the instructions to execute the work to be done and also provide an option to get a review for the work done. The application provides real time insight in the progress of the complete workforce and enables managers to adjust to the situation, that is often different than planned. On top of the reporting and links to the most popular administration suites, Shifter focusses more and more on big data and the insights that can help the organization to learn and adjust.


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