Talmundo is a European HR Tech company founded in 2012 out of a growing frustration around HR information systems. Stijn, our CEO, was tired of the tools he tried to implement as an HR executive. More often than not, they made HR processes more complicated. Technology should help, not complicate our jobs. For technology, or any tool, to be effective it has to add to the user’s experience, not detract from it.

At Talmundo we bring our own professional experience in HR, mix in a solid development team, and add a dose of good design to bring your organization an HR tool that you will actually want to implement. We keep the onboardee’s and your organization’s experience at the center of everything we do. In the end, we know that if technology isn’t simple to use, most people just won’t use it.

We’re putting simplicity (and fun) back into onboarding!



People are always excited when they start a new job. Take advantage of that positive energy with an awesome onboarding experience. Our Onboarding App will help you to bring your people onboard faster, keep the excitement alive and make everyone's job easier!

Take you people from new to productive in much less time. The onboarding app pushes time-released, relevant information to your employee’s smartphone (or tablet & computer) allowing you to inform, train and engage with them in meaningful ways. Get them connected to the people and information they need to succeed weeks before they start.

There's so much that your new hires need to know about their new company and their new job, but don't overwhelm them with it all at once. Give them the confidence and knowledge they need to be successful in their new job, when they need it..

Build and strengthen teams through different activities that help integrate your new hires faster as well as get a first-hand account of what it's like to work at your company.

A fully responsive and clean design and a cloud based app allows for a secure connection and a seamless experience for all your employees across all kinds of devices.

Customize the appearance of the app to strengthen and promote your employer brand. Our design team works with you to build in your brand styling throughout the app.

You're in control with a powerful admin console and CMS. HR and managers get the insights they need to ensure employee success. Focus your energy on what really matters, personal attention & human interaction with your team members.



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