Textkernel is the international leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Semantic Technology for matching people and jobs.

Textkernel enables thousands of recruitment & staffing agencies, employers, job boards, HR software vendors and outplacement & redeployment agencies worldwide to work smarter and more effectively by creating efficiencies in the HR and recruitment process.



Get more applicants, save time on manual data entry and easily build a talent pool. Extract!, Textkernel’s CV parsing (resume parsing) software, automatically turns every CV or social media profile into a complete and searchable candidate record.



Search! is Textkernel’s semantic search software that helps you effectively find the right jobs and candidates in your own database and in external sources.

Add this powerful semantic search technology to your job or CV database and increase your value. Textkernel’s makes use of semantic search technology that goes beyond keyword search and finds what you are looking for, not what you type. Enable job seekers and recruiters to easily search and find the most relevant jobs and candidates.

Find candidates easily, effectively and efficiently. In a single search task you can search multiple (CV) databases, talent pools and social media. With Textkernel’s intelligent and user-friendly search and sourcing software you are able to find better candidates faster.



Need to draw up a rapid shortlist of candidates/employees in your database to fill a job? Want to keep candidates informed of relevant jobs? Match!, semantic job matching, automates and accelerates these processes, enabling you to get the most out of your database or talent pool. Match! does the preliminary work, you do the selection!

Match! generates an automatic search from a job description or a candidate’s resume. The result of the search is a shortlist of best matching candidates or jobs from your databases. Textkernel’s semantic job matching software also simultaneously searches online for interesting candidates in job boards, social media and other databases. With the user-friendly interface you can then further extend or modify your search, so you will always get the best results.



Sourcebox enables you to automate the major part of your job application process. This workflow system has been specially developed for processing large volumes of CVs. All job applications are automatically collated and prepared for the relevant recruiter. CVs can be processed and assessed rapidly. The simple working method delivers a significant time-saving.

Incoming applications are automatically processed by means of Extract! CV Parsing. The applications are then prepared for the responsible recruiter. The convenient split-screen display enables the recruiter to easily adjust or add information to the candidate profile. After processing and assessment, the application is forwarded to your existing recruitment application.



Want to search and analyse online job vacancies and turn them into usable data? You can with Jobfeed! See for yourself the advantages of this huge online job database. The advanced search technology and detailed up-to-date knowledge of the job market make Jobfeed a valuable information source, analysis resource and acquisition tool.

Jobfeed is Textkernel’s Big Data tool for jobs that automatically searches the Internet for new job ads every day. The jobs found are automatically entered in Jobfeed and classified by criteria such as profession, required qualifications, location and company name. The data can then be enriched, for example with job synonyms, sector information and company data. The user-friendly Jobfeed portal makes it easy to search for all jobs, produce analyses, identify sales leads and set up job alerts.

By combining Jobfeed with Match!, not only can you spot opportunities in the market, you can also find the best candidates for the jobs. Additionally, you can easily match a profile to all online jobs so you can quickly find that relevant job for your candidate, client or employee.



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