The Patient Safety Company (TPSC)

The Patient Safety Company (TPSC) is the international supplier and producer of innovative ICT solutions for the healthcare industry. We strive for improving (patient)safety, reducing harm while reducing costs. TPSC is innovative, proactive and service and customer driven.

The foundation of our services is TPSC Cloud™, the unique and innovative cloud platform for efficient care. It is the complete solution for all healthcare apps. You will execute, manage and improve business and healthcare processes on one integrated cloud platform.

TPSC chooses to be a specialist for the healthcare industry. This focus results in specific knowledge, experience, insights and added value for customers and partners. The central theme in the market and customer approach is efficiency and quality of healthcare and business processes while empowering measurable improvements and results. The complete spectrum of the healthcare cloud, apps and services will make it easier for healthcare organizations to navigate the quality improvement process.


Comeniusstraat 5
1817 MS Alkmaar
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Opgericht in 2003
FTE: 11 tot 20


Type software

  • Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)


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