Usabilla helps brands like HP, Adidas, Philips, Booking.com, Lufthansa, KLM and The Economist optimize their websites, apps and emails by collecting live user feedback. Over 20,000 clients worldwide use our voice of customer solutions to improve user experience, increase conversions and boost customer satisfaction. Our three flagship products are: Usabilla for Websites, Usabilla for Apps and Usabilla for Email. We believe that continuous user feedback is the key to any successful website, product or service.


Usabilla for Websites

Optimize your website with live user feedback

It all starts with the feedback button. Customized to fit seamlessly on your website, you’ll feel like it’s always been there. Place the button anywhere and let your users reach out anytime. We designed it with the end user’s experience in mind, so its easy and fun to use on any device.

Allow your users to simply select the part of your website they want to give feedback on. The ability to see exactly what the user is referring to eliminates guesswork and allows you to prioritize website improvements in a time and cost efficient way. Each feedback item comes with a screenshot paired with page metadata - device, screen resolution, and more. See the context and understand the cause.

Ask the right questions at the right time. With a wide range of targeting options, you can create your own slide out, full page or exit surveys and target the users that are important to you. Ask questions on specific pages, based on user behavior and demographics. Drill down to the details or collect NPS and fully understand why your visitors aren’t converting.

Our job is to make feedback easy for everyone – for you, and your visitors. With no technical knowledge needed, you can get started with Usabilla in a matter of minutes. You have full control of your feedback, surveys, and more through your Usabilla account. Make changes whenever you want and put them live instantly.

With Usabilla’s reporting dashboard, get an aggregated overview of your feedback results at any time. Monitor NPS, analyze live feedback items, activate email notifications and filter results based on the data that’s important to you. Easily export your results or integrate with your favorite third party tools.


Usabilla for Email

Ensure your emails are sending the right message

Design a customized widget, create your own feedback form and ask the questions you need to optimize your email communication.

Design your own personalized widgets to match your emails and branding. Create & style your own feedback forms online, straight from your Usabilla account. Setup your widget in just a few clicks and start collecting valuable insights right away.

Get qualitative feedback to better understand what your users want. Tailor and test your messaging and optimize based on the feedback you get. Find out which members of your support or sales team are performing best and use detailed feedback to help them improve.

With no prior technical knowledge needed, you can get started with Usabilla for Email in just a couple of simple steps. We’ve made everything as easy as possible so you can start collecting feedback straight away.

Your customers use email across multiple devices so we make sure feedback is possible on all of them. Responsive widgets & feedback forms allow your readers to give feedback on any device, regardless of screen size.

Discover the source of any issue with technical details such as browser, mail client or device type. View a statistical overview of your results, or jump in deeper to analyze individual feedback items.


Usabilla for Apps

Native in-app feedback with no distractions

When your users leave feedback, they remain inside your app. Usabilla integrates neatly into your existing workflows so your users stay engaged.

Feedback is available on all devices – Tablet or Phone, Apple or Android. Discover how feedback trends differ across environments so you can adapt accordingly.

Your users can’t connect to the internet? No problem. Our smart technology ensures their feedback is saved & uploaded the next time they connect.

Collect feedback on your features, discover bugs, and more. Identify issues accurately by allowing your users to share specific screenshots. You see what they see.

Each feedback item comes with detailed technical information about your user. Find the root of the problem with device type, screen resolution, battery status & more.

Once installed, you don’t need to touch the code again – no need for developers. Create, edit, and manage your feedback directly from your Usabilla account.



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