USoft is a global software provider with 30 years of experience. We enable organisations to become smarter and more efficient in their business processes. We are experts in areas including privacy, customer experience and real-time decision making.

Our truly low-code development platform allows you to simply model your ideas while working software is automatically created by the platform. Our software uses the concept of business rules which contributes to flexibility, ready to test and optimise and to align with the required business value. It is built on the concept that even complex software should be easy to build and maintain. Furthermore, our Service Framework makes it easy to connect to other applications.

USoft is a privately-owned company headquartered in The Netherlands, with additional offices in the UK and Serbia. We serve a broad range of customers in the sectors of financial services, healthcare, aviation, transportation and government. In addition to our portfolio, USoft provides the integration platform for BioTrust (www.biotrustid.com), our sister company and global provider of multimodal biometric authentication solutions.


IJsselmeerweg 1
1411 AA Naarden
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Opgericht in 1987
FTE: 21 tot 50

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