Vanenburg Software

Vanenburg Software designs and develops ‘Process as an App’ business solutions in finance, real estate, pharmacy, manufacturing, education and retail: simple, process-centric and cloud based solutions which are integrated into your current IT-environment and support collaboration between people, systems, processes and even companies.

Vanenburg Software was founded in 2009 as part of the Vanenburg Group. Vanenburg Software has subsidiaries in the Netherlands and India.



As organizational boundaries are fading, enterprises form dynamic and fast-changing partnerships to supply a product or service to their customers. Businesses need to flexibly manage social networks and empower collaboration across enterprises. At the same time, they need to ensure compliance with rules & regulations and protect their organization.

Collabrr provides a networking and collaboration service to establish contacts, create contracts and exchange related business documents while maintaining compliance of all network interactions.



Vanenburgerallee 3
3882 RH Putten
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Opgericht in 2009
FTE: 51 tot 100

Type software

  • Kennis & Communicatie


  • Farma & Biotech
  • Financiële dienstverlening
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  • Productie
  • Retail
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