WoodWing Software

WoodWing Software develops software solutions to enable an efficient, multi-channel publishing process. Our products are used by publishers of every type and size to manage and publish static, dynamic and interactive content to print, Web, social media, mobile and tablets.


Elvis DAM

Elvis digital asset management enables businesses to store, index, search, repurpose and distribute digital media content. It enables them to break down silos and enhance workflow through integration with other business systems. And it offers unlimited storage and scalability. Available as cloud and on-premise solutions, it’s as right for moderate needs as it is for power users.



Do you need to produce rich, immersive content for multiple digital channels and devices? Do you want to quickly repurpose content without being an expert in HTML5? WoodWing Inception makes your work easy.



It’s time to think about your content creation like never before. Audiences expect content to be tailored and relevant for each of their channels, available to them whenever they choose.

Give your audience the experience they deserve. Create inspirational content that can be easily tweaked, changed or adapted for publishing on any print or digital channel. With smart workflow features, automation and team collaboration, Enterprise allows every piece of content to realize its greatest potential.



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