Ximedes builds business-critical software applications for innovative companies. We help our clients attain their business goals by delivering services in all aspects of software development and during the whole life cycle including requirements analysis, maintenance and hosting.
Our competitive advantage is two-fold:
1. We invest in our test and deployment competences resulting in code reviews, automated testing and continuous deployment.
2. We develop proven components, especially around transactions, payment and ticketing. Therefore domain knowledge is available and faster time to market is possible.



If you sell subscriptions, offer delayed payments, or when your clients buy lunch daily for which they pay later your firm holds clients’ money. You have to manage this, by administrating what your clients pay and which products and services you deliver in return.

PURE SVA is specialised software that tracks funds flowing in and out of your bank account. It traces inbound and outbound money back to a system of virtual accounts. Every virtual account represents a client or other stakeholder. The balance of the virtual account tells you what you owe them, or how much debt they have.

Transactions between virtual accounts are free, there is no transaction fee.



FacilityPro consists of a range of products that integrate seamless with your online, mobile and proximity payment needs, your ID-cards as well as your card management, ID management and ERP systems. Our R&D team is continuously adding features and available to design and develop specific features together with you.



Pecunda, the MasterPass accelerator.

MasterPass is about making shopping easier and safer, increasing the number of succesfull transactions. Offering your customers the MasterPass wallet, will drive more succesfull sales using the cards you have issued. The MasterPass wallet offers a great check-out experience, as fewer steps are needed to complete a purchase.

By choosing to issue your own MasterPass wallet, your branded digital wallet joins the Global MasterPass Acceptance Network of wallets. This gives your customers the benefit of a safe, convenient and smart way to check out in shops all over the world. You enable your customers to shop worldwide, with the payment method they trust, from the bank they trust. Your customers will use their own cards instead of other payment methods.

Pecunda accelerates your development and implementation of your own MasterPass wallet. The solution offers a modular, fully PCI compliant, platform that implements all MasterPass functionalities and API’. Pecunda complies with all requirements regarding security and branding. It can be hosted as a stand alone – branded – version, or seamlessly integrated with your existing IT infrastuctures and other product offerings. Pecunda also offers the ability to, next to adding multiple cards, include functionalities like loyalty and shipping preferences.

At Ximedes we’re experienced in running software projects for Fintech companies. We tailor our approach to your specific requirements. Make use of our best practices, listen to what is needed, jointly decide on the right approach for your succesfull MasterPass wallet implementation. You can run the project yourselves, or let us do it for you. The Pecunda solution is flexible, and so are we!


Point of Sales Terminal

The Ximedes Point of Sales Terminal enables your service center staff to support your customers with full information and control over the status of the public transport card to help customers effectively. It also allows them to sell all available products for the public transport card and disposable tickets.


Mobile Smart Card Reader

The Mobile Smart Card Reader allows your mobile staff to provide customers with real time information about their public travel card status. Information like “am I checked in or out?”, “Why is my card not working?”, “What is the current balance on my card?” can be provided on the spot by using the Ximedes Mobile Smart Card Reader application. This application reads both plastic and disposable cards.



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